Friday, March 16, 2012

Sumptuous Sips: Simple works for drinks, too!

 Kumquat and Raspberry-Kissed Prosecco.
Last week I wrote about small gestures being huge; that’s still on my mind. Yesterday morning I tried a “test” that I’ve administered before. And no, for all of you who know my  other life is that of an administrator/teacher, it’s not that kind of test. I administer this test while I’m running.

The "test" starts when I make eye contact with the people who are walking towards me. Now, it’s not a crowd I’m looking at; usually I pass under a dozen people, including many I have seen before (and, in fact, see every day—like the crossing guards, my son’s third grade reading teacher, my favorite sanitation truck driver and his crew, a former student who brings her granddaughter to school, and more…)

So here’s the test:  I smile, especially at people who look a bit down and distracted,  to I see if I’ll get one in return. You know what? I almost always get a big smile—as well as a heartfelt “Have a great day!” What does this test do?  It renews my faith in just about everything; there's nothing like seeing someone's face go from a grimace to a grin. This makes my day that much sweeter…

...And speaking of sweeter, here’s my treat for you.

Most of you, like me, are jugglers: you move between job(s), and roles (caretaker, parent, child, colleague, etc!) in your life. So, after a long day, you want simple. Here, my friends, is a super simple sip for you.

This week’s Sumptous Sip requires just two ingredients: Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) and fresh fruit. My favorite Prosecco these days is Prosecco Brut Mionetto (the one that has a very Veuve-Clicquotish-colored label!) which I also drink without any fruit at all. Also, I don’t add any juices to it—for that I have another one, which I’ll save for another day! (By the way--if you don't drink wine, you can always make this with sparkling water, but then I might add a splash of fresh juice...or not!)

 Prosecco and Fresh Fruit Cocktail

I bottle well-chilled Prosecco
Fresh raspberries, and/or blackberries, strawberries, or sliced kumquats (I'm still on a kumquat kick--and I like the color combination of raspberry-red and kumquat-orange!) 

Place your desired combo of fresh fruit in a chilled wine glass. Add your Prosecco, and serve! 

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