Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Midweek Food Musings: Sometimes it's all about the sandwich

Though yesterday I enjoyed being Queen for a Day (Author for a Day!) on

today you can still find my recipes here!

And this recipe, my friends, wouldn't make the cookstr cut, but I still want to share it with you!

Okay, this is so NOT a dinner--at least according to my dad. I would never make a sandwich for Sunday dinner for him (though, I have served them for dinner...but for my husband).

But summertime = beach time, and as far as I'm concerned, sandwiches are perfect beach fare. (Ah, it's with great nostalgia that I remember some of the best sandwiches. So many possibilities!  And my pals from Lima, Peru will remember how we enjoyed those midnight treats at Sandwiches Monstruos in, those were amazing! But that's another story...)

Back to beach fare here in New York. Basically, my job on Sundays pre-heading out to Robert Moses (such a great beach!) is to set up the sandwiches. My philosophy? Keep it colorful, tasty, and well-suited to the palates of my fellow beach goers. So last Sunday, Wes (my son) joined us--so I made his a vegetarian wrap with fresh basil leaves, a bit of whole grain mustard, pepper-jack cheese, and fresh tomato. For my meat-eating husband (and for me!), I used the wholewheat bread we had, some Genoa salami, fresh basil leaves, that same pepper-jack cheese, tomato, and turkey--and honey mustard with just a light smear of mayo (I love condiments...) and a touch of fresh ground pepper. The results? Delicious and satisfying sandwiches!
Photo taken by my son (Wes) with basil plants cultivated by my husband (Seth)!

And a reminder--with hopes that you'll be able to join us! 

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