Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday Dinners: Food for thought...and something to sip on!

I have to say that this Sunday, I didn’t cook Sunday dinner…. But, thanks to my dad, we did enjoy take out from a nearby Japanese/Chinese restaurant (love that option!).

After spending three nights in the Dominican Republic, I am happy to be home—for several reasons. But what I’m left with—and what I’d like to share—is the reminder that there are so many amazing people in the world; travelling gives us the opportunity to have connections that make this planet that much smaller. I’ve said that if we all tried each other’s food, there wouldn't be any more wars. Maybe I’m being naïve, because eating other’s food doesn’t eliminate the desire for power--- the human propensity for greed, but there is so much good out there, and so much that we need to realize as far as what reality is for many people. Yes, traveling out of our comfort zone doesn’t guarantee an understanding of others, but it does open that door.

I realize that I may be being a bit vague; let me elaborate. I had the wonderful opportunity of speaking—as part of my life as textbook author—to close to 500 people on the topic of teaching English. But what was it that people most reacted to? The real-life stories I shared of my personal experiences in the classroom. Why? Because everyone has experiences to share. All inhabitants of this earth have a story. And, though we can relate to some more than others, we’ve all got something to impart. Sharing those stories, and making those connections, gives me faith in humankind, especially when so much of what we hear is so distressing.

And this brings me back to today’s post…
After being in the tropics for just a few days, I became—as always—enamored with the people I met, and the flavors I tried. One of the things I was reminded of this cocktail: Jamaican Banana Cooler (click to connect--and pictured below).  Now, of course, I was in the DR—not Jamaica—but there is an overlap of fabulous flavors! I posted this on my Latin Twist blog—back in September—but am bringing it back for an encore (it’s from my book, Calypso Coolers!) . It’s a fun, festive drink that brings in a bit of the islands, and kicks off the holiday season! Enjoy!

The Jamaican Banana Cooler 

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