Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunday Dinners: Pizza in the Afternoon!

Well, times they are a changin'--and Sunday dinners at home will be moved into meals at the restaurant... And these days it's all about getting Mambo 64 up to speed so that we can open our doors and let some people in! It's an adventure every day, and a learning experience like none I've ever enjoyed before. Am I excited? Of course! Nervous? Definitely! Happy? Totally--

What I like most about it is that it's a challenging experience on all levels. After all, I've always cooked for family and friends, and welcomed them all into my home (and of course cooked at others' homes, too!). But this is different...and I know my ride has just started.

So, though I didn't cook the typical Sunday dinner, I had a great afternoon snack (thanks Petie!)--
Afternoon Snack-- of Chicken Marsala Pizza--with some hot pepper flakes--thanks to my brother, and Villaggio Pizza, next to Mambo 64! 

--and Seth sampled Chef Steph's execution of my jerk chicken, roasted tomato and black bean quinoa, sofrito, cilantro rice, some pernil...and a few other tasty treats to be featured on Mambo 64's menu...
Yes, the ride is just beginning...

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