Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday's Mambo 64 Musings

Remember when your baby was little, and you were so concerned about everything--just simply everything--and in a kind of delirious state of joy mixed with frequent concerns/anxiety? I think that aptly describes the first week of restaurant ownership! It's an exciting and wonderfully consuming venture. And though I'm exhausted, I can't help but liken it to the same feeling I had when my little babies were born. Yes, I feel like I have a newborn!
My "newborn" Mambo 64! 

And I feel lucky...
Don't be fooled: just like raising a child, growing a business requires great patience, persistence, and assistance, in every sense of all those words. As I've said numerous times over the past few weeks, it's all an amazing adventure...

So, last Friday morning, at dawn, I had the pleasure of watching the sunrise over Manhattan--from the Jersey side. I'd never been to Weekhawken before; Wow--what a view of New York from there!  And though it was crazy early, I talked--with lovely Vicky Sosa--about making my passion fruit sangría which, my friends, is the perfect cooling cocktail. (We've got it chilled and waiting for you at Mambo 64!) 

Posing "on set" with my  Passion Fruit Sangría for Friday's Buenos Días Nueva York segment! 

For the recipe, please check out my Latin Twist post for Passion Fruit Sangría
More tales from Mambo 64 coming soon!

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