Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday's Mambo 64 Musings: Lunch Starts Tomorrow!

The adventure continues at Mambo 64--and I'm still enjoying the post-opening delight of meeting and greeting old and new friends!  I'm currently delighted and fascinated by our guests; many of them share my passion for travel and food. I thank you all for your shared enthusiasm, and your lovely wishes!

On Saturday I was telling a customer that our menus are not only reflective of my travels, but also of what I like to eat.

This is as true for my dinnertime menu, as it is for lunch, which, my friends, starts TOMORROW!

But, okay, I have another confession. As much as I love Cuban sandwiches, and miss my Miami jaunts where I feasted on 'em, it was my husband's idea. Yes, Seth was the one who said, "You should feature Cuban sandwiches on the lunch menu!" Y, pues, aquí están--here they are!

But it's not just Cuban sandwiches; we are including some other bits (bites!) which, again, are some of my favorites: maduros--perfectly roasted ripe plantains, sweet potato fries--I've been in love with them since I lived in Peru many moons ago, and finally--the nutty-sweet flavors of yuca, topped with our red sofrito.  Salads--well, they're always a lovely complement, and we're offering the night-time selection, as well as one based on what we find at the market!  Our soup--which will be our interpretation of a classic Spanish gazpacho--is refreshing and tasty (perfect with a glass of our Sauvignon Blanc, OR Passion Fruit Sangría--OR an ice-cold beer...or, of course, our ginger lemonade!).

Hope to see you at Mambo 64 for lunch--dinner, Happy Hour--all of the above! 

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