Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Midweek Food Musings: Sunday Dinners= Leftovers for the Rest of the Week!

I was talking to my cousin (that would be you, Donna!) about how cooking on Sunday is great because it also gives you food for the rest of the week. This--for all of us who are crazy busy--is a wonderful thing! Basically, though I usually only make one main meal on Sunday, I also welcome the challenge of recreating/recombining so that Sunday's dinner can be "transformed" into a a new dinner!

So, as you saw last Sunday I wrote about my main dish (Citrus-Kissed Bluefish) and also mentioned some of the sides (Peruvian-marinated chicken, assorted roasted potatoes and red onions, and corn). The sides are what I pulled together to make Monday--and actually Tuesday's--dinners. Now I confess, it's just my husband and I at home on most evenings these days (believe me--if my kids were home this wouldn't have made it to day 2!!!). Still, the important thing is always thinking ahead, and planning that perhaps the sides could be "morphed" into mains during the week!

In this picture (and I apologize if it looks too close and weird!) you can see that I've removed the kernels from the corn, sliced my roasted potatoes--which include, by the way, some Peruvian Purple potatoes--and diced the chicken. Also--well, I did make extra marinade for the chicken, and this is not reheated; it's fresh cooked new pieces (we finished all the other bits on Sunday!).  I added some fresh cilantro--which is also a nice touch (the fresh herb bit) for any leftover dish. You want to use the leftovers but give 'em a bit of new life.

Again, my friends, you have to change/adapt for what's right for you and your family!  Would love to hear how you do it, too...

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