Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday Dinners: Is it Breakfast? Is it Dinner? A little bit of both--from Barcelona!

Mis queridos amigos,
As I wind down my visit to Barcelona, where I lived so many moons ago (okay, dare I say 34 years?! Yikes!), I am thinking about so many things related to food (and more!). What I'd like to share today is the idea that we can rethink the way we look at so many meals--in terms of what we serve and at what time--can vary.  This, my friends, the looking at things in different ways, is part of the beauty of traveling.

Okay, back to the theme of my post.
Though I can totally go sweet in the morning (croissants with jam, or palmeras--those elephant ear pastries that are just so out-of-this-world flaky, light and honey kissed), the best breakfasts we've had here have been savory: pintxos (Basque-style tapas--they say they have 80, that vary seasonally), pan con tomate, tortilla española and more. (I will post my recipes on Wednesday!).

Here I share some photos of our new desayunos...
Assortment of Breakfast Treats

Feliz--happy--with my pintxos y café con leche!
Sample plate: Queso with nuts and mermelada, olives and anchovies, roasted pepper and more...

It started with a breakfast we had in Euskal Etxea--tapas/pintxos from the Basque region in Barcelona. They put out about 15 different choices at breakfast time (a kind of bar-meets-buffet style, and then you're charged according to the number of toothpicks on your plate!), and then they add more as the day continues (lunchtime is 2:00--so prior to that, a bunch more appear--and then again, before dinner time, starting at 8 pm-ish, though dinner is usually around 10!).

On Wednesday--from New York--I will share some recipes....but for now, mis queridos amigos,  bon dia (Catalán!) from beautiful Barcelona.

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