Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Midweek Food Musings: Reasons to Love Salads, Part 3

Some of you may catch my reference... For some reason, Ian Dury and the Blockheads' Reasons to Be Cheerful Part 3 (one, two three!)  is resonating with me as I write.

Baby greens, apple, toasted pecans and more...

Okay, reasons to love salads, part 3: they're such fun to create (that may be part of parts 1 and 2!).

This salad was made with what I had around: toasted pecans, crisp Gala apples, baby spinach and a few other baby greens, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Top all with a light vinaigrette, and it's a fabulous complement to a variety of dinners (actually that night I served it alongside two types of raviolispinach and cheese topped with a super quick sausage and pepper sauce (hmmm...have to share that recipe).

More salads to come...

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