Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunday Dinners: go Out for Dinner

Time is relevant. More and more I feel like time can be measured in so many different ways: usually I have a daily checklist of work-related things to get done, and time seems to fly by...Then there are the month-long goals, and new year's resolutions. And then, as I've mentioned before, there are those magical three-in-one days, in which there are so many rich and wonderful things that occur, that time seems to be extended. Such was the case for me this weekend.

Immediately after work on Saturday, I hit the road and drove out to Long Island to spend time with my long-time and very dear friend, Virginia.

Upon arrival, we started our evening out. After enjoying  cold Newcastle Brown Ales, sipped while dining on mussels and fries (ah...always a favorite combo!)  at Indian Wells Tavern in Amagansett, we danced to live music at The Stephen Talkhouse.

And then came Sunday...
We went to the beach, and wow, I was reminded that in any season, the ocean is magical. The sound of the waves, the reflection of the sun on the water, the sweet-smelling wind, gorgeous shells nestled in the sand, all add up to something that fills my soul...

The day continued: Cappucinos and panninis at Sant Ambroeus (both were heavenly), a walk and a rest later, we were ready for evening adventures.

Now you know that I usually cook on Sundays, so this was a big departure for me...and no, it wasn't related to football. This Sunday I had the pleasure of being taken to dinner in Sag Harbor, at  The American Hotel, a cozy and warm restaurant with great service (and a fire place--and, oh, the bartender makes fabulous Manhattans!). Creamy kale soup, scallops with green beans, purée of beets, and mashed potatoes...with a glass of pinot noir = dreamy.

This was followed by flourless chocolate cake, and port. Ah, what a fabulous combo: rich and embracing...

Of course fabulous company makes any dinner more delicious!
With Virginia at The American Hotel!

Back home in New Rochelle, I'm ready to conquer this week's list (which includes finalizing a couple of things for Friday night's Don Coqui cooking class--AND trying to recreate the kale soup we enjoyed on Sunday evening!).  Despite the fact that this one is filled with serious bunch of to dos, it all feels so much  more manageable after enjoying a bit of time away; enjoying time bien acompañada (well accompanied!)  is one of life's greatest luxuries.


  1. From a distant land this post warms the heart. Your weekend was magical for all who have been to the east end and know what treats lie waiting for those who are lucky enough to live or visit. Ahh the ocean, the food, dancing at Stephen many memories rekindled. Thanks for sharing this Arlen and happy to hear you had a well deserved dream weekend!!

    Your #1 Berlin fan :))

    1. Ah... my dear #1 Berlin Fan, You see how I live and quote your "3-in-1" philosophy whenever I can?! Thank you for this sweet note.... Miss you so-- Big hugs, Arlen

  2. I'm jealous! Ginny looks great!