Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Midweek Food Musings: Pan Con Tomate--with an Italian Twist!

I'm keeping it short and sweet on this summer-like spring day here in New York because, well, I'm ready to go out and barbecue! 

But before I do this, I wanted to share an idea with you: Bread and Tomato (the typical Spanish tapa) but with an Italian twist.

This is not the Pan Con Tomate (El pa amb tomàquet in Catalan!) that I wrote about here  , but wow, it's good stuff! 

I'm playing with a few ingredients: 1) Poggio Grimodi Extra Virgin Olive Oil I've been writing about here for the past couple of weeks,  2) Kumato tomatoes (or any sweet tomato!), 3) Fresh basil, 4) Multi-grain bread, and 5) Coarse salt. 

This, my friends, was my breakfast today (and okay, yesterday!) but I would definitely serve this with and without fresh mozzarella cheese as an appetizer!  Elegant, fresh, and richly flavorful without being heavy...I think I'm ready to make some to enjoy with a nice glass of wine, before barbecuing! 
Later that night...(before opening the wine!) -


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